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Seeking a credit card that rewards every purchase and offers flexibility?

Enjoy diverse cash back categories, introductory APR benefits, and no yearly fees with the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card!


Begin your journey of financial empowerment with the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card. This isn’t just a card; it’s a portal to maximizing your earnings and enriching your spending experience. Every purchase, from daily essentials to special splurges, earns valuable rewards, making each swipe a step towards financial savvy. Embrace the freedom of earning more while spending smartly, all with the convenience and security of Chase.


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Unlock the world of rewards with Chase Freedom Flex℠! Discover how its exclusive benefits make every purchase rewarding.

Secure a $200 bonus with an easy spend of $500 in the initial three months, a rewarding start to your journey
Revel in the flexibility of earning 5% cash back on ever-changing categories every quarter, keeping your rewards fresh and exciting
Take advantage of 0% introductory APR for the initial 15 months, offering a breather for your wallet on big purchases
Relish the perk of no annual fees, ensuring your rewards stay yours, enhancing your financial freedom

You will remain in the same website

Find your financial freedom with the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card – a perfect blend of rewards and convenience!

Tailored for the discerning spender, this card transforms your everyday purchases into a rewarding experience, offering a range of benefits that cater to various lifestyles.

Advantages and special perks

  • Welcome Offer: Secure a generous and exciting bonus with just $500 spent in the first 3 months, a fast track to boosting your rewards portfolio.
  • Rotating Cash Back Categories: Enjoy 5% cash back on different categories each quarter, making your regular purchases more rewarding.
  • Travel Rewards: Earn 5% back on travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards, perfect for the frequent traveler or holiday planner.
  • Dining and Drugstore Perks: Receive 3% cash back on dining and drugstore purchases, enhancing your savings on everyday essentials.
  • Introductory APR: Benefit from an introductory APR for a 15-month period on purchases and balance transfers, a boon for large expenditures.
  • No Annual Fee: Enjoy all these amazing and exclusive perks without an annual fee, ensuring your rewards are maximized and costs minimized.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Includes Cell Phone Protection and Purchase Protection, offering peace of mind in your transactions.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: Redeem points for cash back, travel, gift cards, and more, offering versatility in how you utilize your rewards.


  • Quarterly Activation Required: Staying on top of rotating categories and activating them can be a hassle for some users.
  • 3% Foreign Transaction Fees: Not ideal for international purchases due to the additional fees incurred.
  • High Post-Intro APR: The variable APR can be substantial after the introductory period, a factor for those carrying a balance.
  • Costly Cash Advances: High fees and APR for cash advances make it expensive for obtaining cash through the card.
  • Exclusions in Rewards: Big box retailers like Walmart and Target are excluded from the 5% cash back categories.
  • Good Credit Requirement: A good to excellent credit score is needed for approval, limiting access for those with lower scores.
  • Caps on Reward Categories: The high cash back rate is capped, which might limit the benefits for heavy spenders in those areas.

With its combination of cash back opportunities, introductory APR, and no annual fee, the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card is well-suited for everyday use.

However, it’s essential to weigh the drawbacks like foreign transaction fees and rotating category management.

This card is a strong contender in the world of rewards credit cards, offering a valuable tool for financially savvy individuals.

While the Chase Freedom Flex℠ is a personal credit card with rewards geared towards everyday spending, Chase business credit cards are tailored for business expenses. Business cards often include features like employee cards, expense tracking, and rewards in business-related categories. The Freedom Flex℠, on the other hand, offers rotating cash back categories, making it more suitable for personal use.

Absolutely. If you’re planning to open a Chase checking account, pairing it with the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card can be beneficial. You can manage both accounts through the same online banking portal, and the card’s rewards can complement the benefits offered by Chase checking accounts, like overdraft protection and access to a wide ATM network.

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ doesn’t have an overdraft fee per se, as it’s a credit card, not a checking account. However, exceeding your credit limit can result in declined transactions and potential impacts on your credit score. It’s important to monitor your spending and credit limit regularly.

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ is a financial powerhouse, offering dynamic cash back in changing categories, and no annual fee, perfect for maximizing rewards daily.

Chase Freedom Flex℠

Apply for the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card

Learn how to apply for the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card to enjoy a $200 welcome bonus and grand cash back on rotating categories.

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