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Ensure 1% cash back: Total Visa® Card review

Total Visa® Card will help you build a good credit history while earning rewards! Keep reading and learn all the features this card offers!


Enjoy free credit monitoring services!

Total Visa® Card
Ensure 1% cash back: Total Visa® Card review. Source: Credit When

Total Visa® Card is an excellent tool for those who need to build credit fast, and today we’ll review its main features! So stay tuned!

Total Visa® Card

Apply for the Total Visa® Card

Apply for Total Visa® Card today and ensure 1% cash back on purchases and uncomplicated features! Build credit fast with this credit card!

Discover the ins and outs of this credit card and whether it is the right option for your financial needs! Let’s go!

Credit ScorePoor – Fair;
Annual FeeYou’ll pay $75 in their first year. After that, $48 per year;
Purchase APR35.99%;
Cash Advance APR35.99%;
Welcome BonusN/A;
RewardsEarn 1% cash back on purchases.

Total Visa® Card: All you need to know

The Total Visa® Card is a starting tool for those who need to establish a credit score! Thus, it brings some light requirements and features!

Still, this can be a rewarding journey since it offers 1% cash back rewards on purchases!

In addition, cardholders and quickly build a credit history through monthly reports to the major credit bureaus and free credit monitoring!

Plus, once approved, you can manage your credit card through the Total Card mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android services.

However, you must keep in mind that to access this card, you must pay a one-time fee of $95!

Discover the Total Visa® Card

Woman holding credit card and using smartphone at home, business
Discover the Total Visa® Card. Source: AdobeStock

As your can review above, the Total Visa® Card can make your credit-building path rewarding!

Indeed, with its 1% cash back offer, you can make the most of your expenses and establish credit fast!

But before any decision, compare the advantages and disadvantages of this credit card below!


  • Light eligibility requirements;
  • Enjoy 1% cash back on purchases;
  • Build your credit score through monthly reports to major credit bureaus;
  • Fast application and result;
  • Free credit monitoring services powered by Transunion.


  • You must pay the one-time fee of $95 to open your account;
  • This card offers no welcome bonus;
  • The interest rate tends to be higher.

What credit score do you need to apply?

Since we are talking about a card with no big features, you won’t need a high credit score to qualify for it!

As a result, applicants with all types of credit are welcome to take a chance with the Total Visa® Card!

How to easily apply for the Total Visa® Card?

Now that you’ve read our Total Visa® Card full review, are you interested in applying for this credit card option?

Great! Then keep reading and learn how the process works and how you can qualify for it! Let’s go!

Total Visa® Card

Apply for the Total Visa® Card

Apply for Total Visa® Card today and ensure 1% cash back on purchases and uncomplicated features! Build credit fast with this credit card!

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