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Apply for the Boost Platinum Card: 7-day trial period

Exploring options for your financial future? Our guide walks you through the steps to apply for the Boost Platinum Card. $750 credit limit!


Dive into our easy application guide and secure your $750 merchandise credit line!

Boost Platinum Card
Apply for the Boost Platinum Card: 7-day trial period. Source: Credit When

Ready to apply for the Boost Platinum Card? With our guidance, you’ll have the card in your hands quickly.


Credit Card

Boost Platinum

Bad Credit Fast and easy

$750 credit line – enjoy exclusive member benefits!

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Indeed, the Boost Platinum Card offers an unsecured line of credit up to $750, and people of all credit scores are welcome to apply. So read on!

Online application

To apply for the Boost Platinum Card online, visit the website. On the homepage, you’ll see a section offering you access to a $750 card.

To begin your application, simply write down your email and ZIP code. Check all the boxes that apply to you, then click “continue activation process”.

Further, the next step is creating a profile. So provide your personal information and contact details. Next, put down your financial info.

Before submitting your profile, review all the details you provided and take a few minutes to read the card’s Terms & Costs.

If you agree to the issuer’s terms, submit your profile and wait for them to review it. Furthermore, you’ll be contacted via email or SMS if you get the card. 

Apply using the mobile app

Boost Platinum Card
Apply using the mobile app. Source: Boost Platinum

Indeed, there is no mobile app available for this card.

You can only apply for the Boost Platinum Card by visiting their official website and filling out your request from there.

Boost Platinum Card or Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card?

If you’ve had financial mishaps, you don’t need to settle for a merchandise card if you’re not inclined to.

While the Boost Platinum offers great perks for those who wish to regain their purchasing power, the Petal® 1 Visa® is also a solid option.

The Petal card is also designed for individuals with limited credit history and offers a fresh approach to approvals.

Another standout feature is that while fees are associated with the Boost, the Petal® 1 card has no annual fee.

So, if you’re interested in no annual fees and a unique approach to credit assessment, it might be worth exploring the Petal® 1 Card.

Boost Platinum CardPetal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card
Credit Score:Damaged to Fair Credit;No Credit to Fair Credit;
Annual Fee:$14.77 per month ($177.24 annually);$0;
Purchase APR:None;25.24% – 34.74% variable;
Cash Advance APR:Does not apply;N/A;
Welcome Bonus:None;None, currently;
Rewards:This is not a rewards card. 2% – 10% cash back at select merchants.

Check the following link to learn how to apply for it.

Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card

Apply Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card

Wondering how to apply for the Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card? Then read on! Earn up to 10% cash back on purchases!

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