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How to apply for the Destiny Mastercard®: Response in 60 seconds

Are you considering a credit-builder solution? See how you can apply for the Destiny Mastercard® using our simple step-by-step guide!


Apply quickly online and get access to the purchasing power of a real Mastercard®!

Destiny Mastercard®
How to apply for the Destiny Mastercard®: Response in 60 seconds. Source: Credit When

Considering a step towards financial empowerment? When you apply for the Destiny Mastercard®, you get features tailored to boost your credit journey.


Credit Card

Destiny Mastercard®

Credit builder Simple process

Qualify with any type of credit – quick and simple application!

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But how do you get started? So keep reading to discover the simple steps and tips to make your Destiny Mastercard® application process a breeze.

Online application

Indeed, to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® online, visit their official website.

This platform provides all the necessary details for potential cardholders.

On the homepage, you’ll spot a “Pre-Qualify today” button. Clicking on this will redirect you to a quick pre-qualification form.

Fill out the form

Here, you’ll be required to input basic information about yourself, like your name, SSN, address, phone, date of birth, and email.

Then, click on “pre-qualify now”. You must complete a form with extra information about your employment, finances, and more to get the card.

Furthermore, after carefully filling out the form, review all provided information to ensure accuracy.

So once satisfied, you can submit your application.

Wait for the result

The system is designed to provide quick responses, giving new applicants a decision in about 60 seconds.

Indeed, if your application gets approved, the next step is waiting for the card to arrive by mail. This could take a few business days.

After receiving your Destiny Mastercard®, remember to activate it. You can do this online or via a phone call.

So just follow the instructions included with the card.

Apply using the mobile app

Unfortunately, there is no way to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® via mobile app because it doesn’t have one.

So you can apply online with the abovementioned method and manage your account using Destiny’s official website.

Destiny Mastercard® or FIT® Platinum Mastercard®?

The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® is a great choice for many, just like the Destiny Mastercard®.

It’s designed for people who want to build or fix their credit. This card reports to the big credit bureaus, helping users improve their scores by paying on time.

Managing the card is easy with its online tools. You can check your balance, view transactions, and pay bills hassle-free.

Plus, having a Mastercard® means added perks like protection from theft, not to mention more purchasing power.

Both cards have perks, but the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® shines with its user-friendly features.

Destiny Mastercard®FIT® Platinum Mastercard®
Credit ScoreYou may apply even with a bad credit score;All credit levels are welcome to apply.
Annual Fee$75 during your first year, then $99 after;$99;
Purchase APR24.9%;29.99%;
Cash Advance APR24.9%;29.99%;
Welcome BonusNone, currently;There are no welcome offers currently;
RewardsNo reward rate is attached to this card.Does not apply.

If you believe the FIT® Platinum is right for you, dive into our next article to learn how to apply.

FIT® Platinum Mastercard®

Apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®

Thinking to boost your credit? See how to apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® and embark on a journey to financial growth.

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