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Looking for an annual fee-free card with a long low APR intro? Check out this recommendation

With the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card you can enjoy a 0% intro APR for nearly 2 years


Discover the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card – tailored for savvy spenders! Benefit from a notably low APR, optimizing your finances over time. It’s more than just a card; it’s your reliable financial companion.


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Unlock a world of financial possibilities with the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card. Discover its outstanding benefits below!

Save money and get your finances in shape with a low intro APR for 21 months
Take advantage of special benefits like cell phone protection and zero fraud liability
Dive into exclusive Wells Fargo deals and relish in savings at every swipe
Celebrate no annual fee and keep your money where it belongs

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Dive into a world of financial flexibility with the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card.

A blend of user-friendly features and rewards, this card stands out as an alluring choice for those seeking more from their credit card experience.

Advantages and special perks

  • Extended Intro APR: The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card offers a remarkably long introductory APR period, providing cardholders with significant time to manage large purchases or transfer balances without accruing hefty interest.
  • Cell Phone Protection: By paying your phone bill with the card, users are eligible for complementary cell phone protection, shielding them from potential repair or replacement costs.
  • Flexible Payment Dates: Choose a due date that aligns with your financial rhythm, ensuring timely payments and better budget management.
  • Enhanced Security: The card comes equipped with embedded chip technology, elevating transaction safety and minimizing the risk of fraud.
  • Access to FICO® Score: Keep a tab on your credit health with complimentary access to your FICO® Score, a beneficial tool for those aiming to improve or maintain their credit rating.


  • Foreign Transaction Fee: Those with a penchant for overseas travel or shopping might be deterred by the foreign transaction fees associated with this card.
  • No Robust Rewards Program: Unlike some competitors, the Reflect® Card doesn’t offer a comprehensive point-based or cashback rewards program.
  • Potential for High APR: After the introductory period, the APR can be on the higher side, particularly if one’s creditworthiness isn’t top-tier.
  • Balance Transfer Fee: While there’s an introductory APR for balance transfers, a fee is still applicable, which might reduce the overall savings for some cardholders.

The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card serves as a solid contender for those prioritizing a longer introductory APR period and essential protective features.

However, avid travelers and rewards enthusiasts might find it slightly lacking. In sum, it’s a balanced choice for everyday users aiming for simplicity coupled with core benefits.

You can easily make a payment for your Wells Fargo Reflect® Card in several convenient ways. The most straightforward method is through online banking. Simply log in to your Wells Fargo account, navigate to the credit card section, and follow the prompts to make a payment. Alternatively, you can utilize our mobile app, visit a Wells Fargo branch, or even set up an automatic payment system to ensure timely payments every month.

Opening an account with Wells Fargo, especially for the Reflect® Card, is a seamless experience. Start by visiting our official website or mobile app. Navigate to the credit cards section, select the Reflect® Card, and follow the application instructions. You can also visit any Wells Fargo branch to get personalized assistance with your account opening process. Ensure you have all the necessary documents on hand for a smooth experience.

The Wells Fargo balance transfer feature allows you to transfer balances from other credit cards onto your Reflect® Card, often at a promotional interest rate. By doing so, you can consolidate your debts and potentially save on interest payments. To initiate a balance transfer, log into your Wells Fargo online account, go to the credit card section, and follow the balance transfer prompts. It’s essential to understand the terms and any fees associated before completing the transfer.

The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card offers compelling features for those seeking low APR rates and enhanced security for their spending needs.

Wells Fargo Reflect® Card

Apply for the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card

Discover how to apply for the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card in our concise guide and enjoy no annual fees with an extensive low APR intro.

But if you’d like another option, the Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card boasts tailored rewards so you can earn more on your preferred spending categories.

Interested in the Customized Cash Rewards alternative? Discover the benefits in detail and find out how to apply by following the link below.

apply Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card

Apply for Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards

Discover how to apply for a Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card today! Ensure 0% intro APR for 15 months and more! Read on!

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