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Open the door to better credit and reach the financial freedom you desire

With the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®, you can get the credit you deserve and a world of new opportunities!


Boost your credit journey with the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®. Benefit from its tailored perks, build a solid credit history, and unlock a brighter financial future. Ready to elevate your credit game? Then check out our comprehensive review to learn everything that this card can do for you!


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Ready to begin a new path towards financial health? Then learn the many benefits of applying for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® below.

Monthly reporting to the major credit bureaus in the country, helping you build your score
Get an initial spending line up to $400, and double that line in just 6 months of on-time payments and responsible use
Make online and in-person purchases anywhere in the world where merchants accept Mastercard®
You don’t need to put down a security deposit to get the card, and Continental Finance accepts applicants of all credit levels

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Elevate your financial journey with the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®. Specially crafted to be more than just plastic, this card is a dynamic tool designed to complement your lifestyle, ensuring you’re always geared up for what lies ahead.

Advantages and special perks

  • All-Inclusive Approach: The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® welcomes individuals from diverse credit backgrounds, making it an excellent option for those seeking a fresh start or looking to establish their credit.
  • Universal Acceptance: Leverage the global reach and recognition of Mastercard®. Whether you’re dining at a local bistro or shopping overseas, transactions are smooth and hassle-free.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: Say goodbye to hidden fees. With a clear and upfront fee schedule, you’re always in the know about potential charges.
  • Online Account Management: Take charge of your finances with a robust online portal. From tracking expenses to setting up alerts, manage your account with ease and convenience.
  • Credit Reporting: By reporting to major credit bureaus, the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® provides an avenue to build or enhance your credit score, paving the way for a brighter financial future.


  • Annual Fee: The card comes with an annual fee, which might deter those looking for a no-fee option.
  • Higher Interest Rates: The card’s APR might be on the steeper side, making it essential for cardholders to be diligent in paying off their balances each month.
  • Limited Reward Features: If you’re a rewards enthusiast, this card might fall short of expectations as it doesn’t boast extensive rewards or cashback programs.
  • Potential for Additional Fees: Users should be cautious about potential additional charges, such as late fees or over-limit fees, which could accumulate if not managed properly.

The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® emerges as a versatile financial companion, particularly for those navigating the complex terrains of credit.

While it offers a slew of benefits, it’s imperative for potential cardholders to weigh its features against its costs. Ultimately, its value lies in how well it aligns with individual financial goals and spending habits.

Yes, the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® offers a mobile app for easy account management on the go! You can use it to pay your bill, check your balance, and much more!

With responsible use, the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® can be a valuable tool to establish or rebuild your credit over time. Check our full review to learn more about its credit building abilities. The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® is tailored for individuals with bad credit, helping them pave a path towards better financial health.

Absolutely! The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® is designed for those looking to improve their credit, regardless of their current banking situation. You only need a checking account to your name to be able to apply.

FIT® Platinum Mastercard®

Apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®

Thinking to boost your credit? See how to apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® and embark on a journey to financial growth.

If you’re looking for another option, the PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card is a worthy alternative. It offers its own set of perks that could be more beneficial to you.

Curious to learn more? Then check the link below to dive deeper into its features and benefits. We’ll also show you how to apply for the card in a few simple steps.

PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card

Apply for the PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Card

Learn how to apply for the PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card and start building credit fast! Keep reading and learn everything!

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