Building Credit from Scratch: Best Cards for No Credit History

Starting from scratch? Dive into our selection of the best credit cards for no credit, tailored for those new to the credit scene. Read on and learn more!


Discover the limitless possibilities with credit cards for no credit history! In a world where financial freedom often feels out of reach, these cards offer a key to the locked doors of opportunity. They pave the path to establishing credit, unlocking better interest rates, and providing access to life’s essential milestones. So, confidently embark on your credit journey, knowing it is your ticket to a brighter, more prosperous future. Start building your financial story today!

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When you’re just starting your credit journey, finding the best credit cards for people with no credit can be a big help.

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Choose the right credit card

Are you looking for a new credit card? Then you're in the right place! Pick a credit card option based on your financial needs! Read on!

This article will show you how cards for no credit work. We will also help you select a good card that matches your profile.

How does a credit card for no credit work?

Jumping into the credit scene can feel like trying out a new game you’ve never played. Credit cards for no credit are like the tutorial level of that game.

These cards usually have a mix of caution and motivation, and banks set lower spending limits to avoid big debts for new users.

Over time, if you handle your card responsibly, more doors open for you.

The card issuer might raise your spending limit, and you’ll find more opportunities.

So, a credit card for people with no credit is more than just a card. It’s a stepping stone, a trust-tester, and a key to more in the credit world!

Credit cards for no credit: Main features

New to the credit landscape and feeling lost? Discover the specially designed features of credit cards for people without credit, made for beginners like you.

These cards hold the key to kickstarting your financial journey with confidence.

So dive in below to learn their main features and how they can benefit you!


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Credit cards for no credit: Main features. Source: AdobeStock
  • Credit Building: These cards offer an opportunity to build a credit history from scratch;
  • Financial Education: Some cards offer educational resources or tools to help users understand credit and how to manage it effectively;
  • Manageable Limits: Often come with lower credit limits, reducing the risk of overspending;
  • Report to Credit Bureaus: Regular reporting to the major credit bureaus can help establish a positive credit history with responsible use;
  • Graduation Opportunities: Over time, there might be opportunities to graduate to cards with higher limits, better benefits, and rewards;
  • Emergency Fund: Credit cards for no credit can provide a safety net in case of financial emergencies.


  • Lower Credit Limits: Initial credit limits can be quite low, which can limit your purchasing power;
  • Higher Interest Rates: These cards often come with higher APRs compared to cards designed for those with good credit, meaning carrying a balance can be costly;
  • Potential for Debt: Like all credit cards, if not used responsibly, there’s a risk of accumulating debt that can be hard to pay off;
  • Fees: While some have no or low fees, others might come with monthly fees, high annual fees, or other service charges;
  • Limited Features: Credit cards for no credit might not come with perks, protections, or many features.


Since these cards are designed for individuals building their rating, issuers sometimes add several fees to counterbalance the risk.

Firstly, there’s the annual fee. While some cards waive this fee or have a reduced cost, others might charge more.

Then, certain cards have monthly maintenance or service fees, which can add up over the year.

Late payment fees can also sting if you miss your due date, not to mention potential penalty APRs that increase your interest following late payments.

So, it’s important to carefully evaluate the terms and conditions of any card you’re considering to understand the fee structure fully.

Bad credit concept

What is the lowest credit score possible?

From checking your credit report to reducing your credit utilization, we provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you take control of your credit!


Credit cards for no credit are designed for individuals without a significant credit history. However, there are still some general requirements:

You must be at least 18 to apply for a credit card in the U.S. Most credit card issuers will also ask for a valid SSN or ITIN to process your application.

Some credit card issuers may require you to have a bank account, especially if it’s a secured credit card.

Being a U.S. resident or having a U.S. mailing address is often a requirement.

Finally, some issuers may consider your debt-to-income ratio to ensure you can afford a card.

What is the difference between a secured and an unsecured credit card?

A secured credit card requires you to deposit a certain amount of money with the card issuer, which typically becomes your credit limit.

On the other hand, an unsecured credit card doesn’t need any deposit. It’s given based on your creditworthiness, with a limit set by the issuer.

So, while both can be credit cards for people with no credit, the main difference is the deposit: secured cards need one, and unsecured cards don’t.

How can you use a credit card to build credit?

Using a credit card to build credit is all about responsible habits. Make purchases with your card and pay off the full balance on time every month.

This shows lenders that you can handle borrowed money well.

It’s also wise to keep your spending low compared to your card’s limit, known as credit utilization.

By consistently paying on time and keeping your balance low, your credit will gradually improve, painting a picture of trustworthiness.

What is the purpose of building credit?

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Building Credit from Scratch: Best Cards for No Credit History. Source: AdobeStock

Building credit is like creating a financial report card. It shows lenders, like banks or landlords, that you can be trusted with money or loans.

A good credit score can help you get loans with lower interest rates, rent a home, or even land certain jobs.

So, the purpose of building credit is to prove you’re responsible with money and to make future financial steps easier and more affordable.

Can you upgrade to a better credit card later?

Yes! Many card issuers offer the option to upgrade to a better card with more features, rewards, or a higher credit limit after a period of responsible card usage.

This is especially common for people who start with secured or unsecured credit cards for no credit.

Once they’ve demonstrated timely payments and have managed credit well, issuers might offer or approve you for a card with more benefits.

What to do if you can’t get approved for any credit card?

If you cannot get approved for any credit card, don’t worry! There are still steps you can take to improve your chances in the future:

You can ask a family member or friend with good credit if you can be added as an authorized user on their account. This can help you build up your score.

Finally, you can apply for a secured card. These require a refundable deposit, which typically sets your credit limit.

They’re designed for those building or rebuilding credit.

Meet a great credit-building tool

A great option to help you get started is the Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa® Card.

You can start your path to good credit with no annual or maintenance fees.

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Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa® Credit Card

Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa® Card review

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