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Destiny Mastercard® review: A Stepping Stone For Good Credit

Is the Destiny Mastercard® your financial fate? Discover if this card aligns with your personal goals! Read on and learn more!


Get a credit line up to $700 with no security deposit required!

Destiny Mastercard®
Destiny Mastercard® review: A Stepping Stone For Good Credit. Source: Credit When

In our Destiny Mastercard® review, we’re shining a light on a card creating a buzz for its credit-building capabilities.

Destiny Mastercard®

How to apply for the Destiny Mastercard®

Ready to shape your financial future? Learn how to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® today and step forward with confidence!

Unlike typical credit cards, which offer fancy rewards or travel perks, this one has a clear focus: to help its users achieve a healthier financial future.

Credit ScoreYou may apply even with a bad credit score;
Annual Fee$75 during your first year, then $99 after;
Purchase APR24.9%;
Cash Advance APR24.9%;
Welcome BonusNone, currently;
RewardsNo reward rate is attached to this card.

Destiny Mastercard®: All you need to know

The Destiny Mastercard® is a fantastic tool specifically tailored to those looking to build or rebuild their credit.

One of the standout features of the Destiny Mastercard® is its accessibility. This card offers a chance even for those with a less-than-perfect credit history.

You can get a credit limit up to $700 with a real Mastercard® product. The card offers nationwide acceptance for in-person or online shopping.

The card also provides an opportunity for financial responsibility, which can translate to a better credit score over time.

But it’s not just about building credit. It also offers user-friendly features, ensuring everyone can manage their finances without a hitch.

Discover the Destiny Mastercard®

Destiny Mastercard®
Discover the Destiny Mastercard®. Source: Destiny

Next, in our Destiny Mastercard® review, we’ll uncover the card’s pros and cons.

So, explore its strengths and drawbacks to make an informed decision.


  • Get the opportunity to access and build better credit;
  • The card may be available even for people with lower credit scores;
  • You can get a $700 credit limit without putting down a security deposit;
  • Monthly reporting to all major credit bureaus;
  • Online account management for more convenience and security;
  • Get Fraud Protection and Zero Liability for unauthorized charges.


  • The Destiny Mastercard® charges high membership fees, so it’s an expensive card to own;
  • High APR can be costly if you can’t pay your entire balance every month.

What credit score do you need to apply?

The Destiny Mastercard® is designed for people with a poor or limited credit history.

This means you might be able to get it even if your current rating falls on the lower end.

First Electronic Bank, the card’s issuer, promises a second chance for all willing applicants. Yes, even those with a prior bankruptcy on their credit report.

However, it’s important to note that while this card might be ideal for those with low credit scores, approval isn’t guaranteed.

Also, other financial factors might influence the decision.

How to easily apply for the Destiny Mastercard®?

Are you interested in getting the Destiny Mastercard®?

Check out our following article to learn how to easily apply for it and take the next step in your credit-building journey.

Destiny Mastercard®

How to apply for the Destiny Mastercard®

Ready to shape your financial future? Learn how to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® today and step forward with confidence!

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